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Lists sources useful for studying the history of American Fundamentalism.

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Fundamentalism is a religious movement that began in the early twentieth century, as conservative Christians opposed modernist Christianity with its higher criticism, acceptance of evolution, and disbelief in the inspiration of the Bible. Fundamentalists from several denominations joined together to affirm the "fundamentals," such as the inspiration of Scripture, the deity and atonement of Christ, and the premillennial Second Coming of Christ. In addition to doctrine, Fundamentalists held to more conservative social mores. Fundamentalists split from mainline Protestant denominations, and eventually from evangelicals as well. Fundamentalism has been an important religious, cultural, and political influence throughout the twentieth century and into the twenty-first.

This guide lists sources useful for studying the history of American Fundamentalism. Because Fundamentalism is a subset of evangelicalism, some of the sources listed are about evangelicalism. The guide lists mostly secondary sources, though some primary sources are included.

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Fundamentalism File

Second floor, Section B
The Fundamentalism File collects non-book items on subjects of religious interest to Christians. Information on individuals and organizations of religious significance is probably the most important aspect of the collection.
The Fundamentalism File also houses manuscript collections pertinent to the history of Fundamentalism. Currently, the center has three such collections: the papers of G. Archer Weniger (1915–82), California Fundamentalist leader who published The Blu-Print and was deeply involved in the Conservative Baptist Association and later the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship; the papers of W. O. H. Garman (1899–1983), pastor and advocate on behalf of Fundamentalists in the military chaplaincy through the Associated Gospel Churches; and the papers of Gilbert Stenholm (1915–89), long-time administrator at Bob Jones University.


Third floor, Section C
The University Archives Research Center holds items concerning the history of Bob Jones University and the Jones family. Included in our collection are copies of all university publications, oral histories from long-time faculty/staff members, sermon transcripts, photographs, correspondence, and other artifacts related to the history of the school.

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