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Women's History: Introduction

A guide to sources about women's history, both as its own subject and as a part of other fields of history.

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Women's history studies the experiences of women—cultural, intellectual, religious, political, social, economic, and aesthetic. The field is growing as more historians look for women's influence on the past. As a result, more journals and books are being published on the topic, and general works of history are almost certain to discuss women as well as men.

This research guide lists basic sources to begin the study of women's history. It focuses primarily on American history, though many works of world history are also included. Only works specifically about women's history have been included, though many general histories and reference works include information about women. Also, only general works on women's history have been included. Specific works, including historical monographs, may be found by searching the catalog by keyword or by using the suggested subject headings.

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