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Mathematics Resource Guide

Resources for Mathematics Research and Projects

Top Mathematical Resources

The arXiv

Open access database of e-prints in physics, mathematics, statistics, computer science and quantitative biology. Information on how to use this resource is available in the arXiv section of this guide. The arXiv is the number one pre-print article database for mathematics, computer science, and physics. While it was original developed for physics, mathematics now represents around a quarter of all submissions.


European counterpart of MathSciNet with very similar coverage. zbMath's coverage of current mathematics is a bit slower than MathSciNet, but their historical coverage is significantly larger due to their integration the Jahrbuch database and zbMath also offers the ability to search via formula which MathSciNet does not offer. zbMath became Open Access starting in January 2021 and is fully available to all.

Project Euclid

A collection of open-access mathematics monographs and journals, as well as some subscription journals (We do not have access through Project Euclid to all journals, please use library search if you are unable to access a specific article).


Mathematical Reference Resources


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