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Variety of resources in print and online available through Mack Library's Reference Department

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Introduction to Reference

Why use Reference Books?

Reference books supply background material or an introduction to the topic in addition to factual information on the subject.  The reference books listed present both the history and beliefs of denominations.

Definitions of Document/Source Types

Almanacs - "a. usually annual publication containing statistical, tabular, and general information."  Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, 1991.

Encyclopedia - "a work that contains information on all brnches ofknowlege or trates comprehensively a particular branch of knowlevert usually in articles arranged alphabetically often by subject."  Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, 1991.

Gazetteer - "Dictionary or encyclopedia listing alphabetically the names of places, political divisions, and physical features of the earth and giving some information about each."  Columbia Encyclopedia, 2003.

Introduction to Reference

Welcome to the Reference Department at the Mack Library

Reference resources provide a world of information for the library patron!  This unique collection contains both general and specialized factual works that provide the foundation for further research.  Furthermore, reference books offer descriptive backgrounds for many topics. 

They answer the Questions of

  • Who
  • What
  • When 
  • Why  

In our Reference collection you will find many types of resources, including:

  • Specialized and General Encyclopedias
  • Bibliographies on various topics
  • Statistical Resources
  • Handbooks 
  • Dictionaries 

Subject Guide

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Types of Reference Resources