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Library Services: Distance Learning

Describes services offered by the Library staff.

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For a step by step instruction sheet for accessing our Online Databases, click on this PDF for screen shot pictures.

Distance Learning

The Mack Library provides resources and services to students enrolled in BJU distance learning courses.

Library Access

Students in the greater Greenville area and who are in Greenville on a regular basis should visit BJU’s library to access resources and services.

Students outside the greater Greenville area may contact the Mack Library but must plan accordingly for accessing, processing and shipping items and are also encouraged to check with local public and academic libraries for access to:

  • Borrowing books
  • Periodical articles
  • Databases
  • Interlibrary loans


Electronic requests will be processed within two business days and shipped via UPS with tracking or other appropriate method.

Contact Information


Phone: 864-370-1800, ext. 6025
Fax: 864-232-1729

U.S. Mail:

Mack Library
1700 Wade Hampton Blvd.
Greenville, SC 29614-0001

Shipping & Fees




Factual Answers


No charge

Photocopies / Scans

First-class U.S. Mail or email

No charge for the first 10 pages. and then $.10 per page ($.20 duplex) thereafter plus $1.50 postage for every 12 pages or every part thereof.


UPS Ground Service or air mail

Current rate

If Student Requests Rush

Rush Shipping, two-day air

About $10 a pound

Shipping of items to the U.S. addresses is complementary (exception of rush shipping requests). Shipping fees to foreign addresses and for the return of library items is the responsibility of the student. Students may contact the library for specific shipping fees.

Students may request a photocopy of a chapter of a book to avoid the additional expense and time necessary for shipping. Scanning an article or chapter and emailing as a pdf is available at no charge in limited quantities.

Catalog Access

Search the library catalog at For assistance in searching, click on the help tab located at the top of each screen.

Database Access

Mack Library offers access to over one hundred databases. These databases can be accessed from the Online Resources list. Click the alphabetical link and then select the desired database. The BJU Central Authentication Service (CAS) will then request the student to enter their campus log-in. Should you experience a problem, contact the Reference Librarian at 864 370-1800 x6025.

Here is a link to LibGuides that may be helpful in searching the databases as they provide instruction and searching tips.

If you are having trouble finding articles for your assignments, check the following brief list of databases:

Subject Area



Business Source Complete (EBSCO) 

Gale Business Insights: Essentials


Education Research Complete (EBSCO) 

ERIC (EBSCO) This link opens in a new window 


Humanities International Complete (EBSCO)

Gale Books and Authors

Literary Reference Center This link opens in a new window Resource via DISCUS 


History Reference Center (EBSCO) This link opens in a new window 

Gale in Context: U. S. History 

Gale in Context: World History 


Supreme Court Database

FindLaw Library


• ATLA RDB with Serials PLUS 




Borrowing Books

From the Mack Library Collection

  • Distance Learning Students from the greater Greenville area should visit the Mack Library and check out books according to current student circulation policies.
  • Other Distance Learning Students should request items through the Mack Library Interlibrary Loan Department by filling out the book request form. This is the primary avenue for borrowing books from Mack Library.

Policies and procedures

  • If your local public library will not provide access to InterLibrary Loan, Mack Library will ship borrowed books directly to the residence of the Distance Learner. The request should go to the InterLibrary Loan department:
  • Book Limit: Up to 6 books at one time (up to 4 books for non-U.S. addresses)
  • Loan Period: 5 weeks
    • Starts: The day books are checked out to the student and shipped.
    • Ends: Ship books back to the library on or before the due date stamped on the date-due slip inside the front cover.
  • Books Loaned: Circulating books, biographies, & dissertations (graduate students only)
    Items not Loaned: reference works, audio visual materials, software, fiction or juvenile.
    The library reserves the right to not honor requests for rare or out-of-print items or books that are currently in high demand.
  • Shipping: Arrival within a week via UPS Ground.
    • Delivery to the student is paid by the library.
    • Return delivery is paid by the student (return label included in shipment).
    • Rush shipping: Items can be sent two-day air at the student’s request. The library will bill all special delivery fees to the student’s Business Office account. Please note that two-day air is about $10 a pound.
  • Renewals: An item may be renewed once if no other customer has placed a request for the book. To renew the item, please contact the library by e-mail ( or phone at (864) 242-5100, ext. 6000
  • Overdue or Lost Books & Charges:
    • Books shipped after the due date will be considered overdue and will be assessed a 50 cent per day fine.
    • Books not received four weeks beyond the due date will be considered lost and the student will be billed for the replacement cost of the book, all overdue fines, and processing costs (currently $5 and additional fees for making a hardback from a paperback book). The lost book charges will be no less that $35 for each book.
  • Making a request:
    1. Please check the online catalog to verify we have the book.
    2. Fill out the book request form. If you have problems using this form, please contact InterLibrary Loan by phone [(864) 242-5100 ext. 6030] or email
    3. We will process your request within two business days. Books should arrive within 7 to 10 days.
  • Additional information for foreign delivery
    BJU students residing in foreign countries may borrow books with these additional restrictions:
    • Item limit: 4 books
    • Loan period: 5 weeks (same as domestic)
    • Due date: calculated from the time the book is charged out at Mack Library
    • Shipping method: The student is responsible for all shipping costs, both from the library to the student as well as from the student back to the library.
    • Canada and Mexico: Items will be shipped by either UPS Ground or air mail, whichever is more efficient. Please consider using ILL whenever possible to reduce your costs.
    • Other foreign destinations: Items will be shipped via air mail. Please contact the library for specific information.
    • The library will immediately bill all shipping charges to the student’s business office account. We will e-mail you the approximate price to get your approval before shipping.
    • Returning items: The student is responsible to ship the items on or before the due date by air mail. Please do not send items by surface mail. Canada and Mexico may use ground shipping if available. (Books borrowed via ILL should be returned to your local library.)

Borrowing books that are not in the Mack Library Collection

  • Distance Learners from the greater Greenville area should use the Interlibrary Loan department of Mack Library
  • Other Distance Learners should use their local public or academic library to borrow books from other libraries. Mack Library can not loan to Distance Learners books that we do not have in our collection.

Procuring Articles or Photocopies

  • Articles: There are full text articles available to you in several of our databases. 
  • If you require an article not located in our holdings simply request via Tipasa, InterLibrary Loan service.
  • BJU dissertations: With permission from the author or their heirs or assigns and if the dissertation is not available through the Theological Research and Exchange Network (TREN), the library will photocopy or scan limited portions of BJU dissertations upon request. Graduate students may request a copy of the entire dissertation.
  • Price structure
    • Each of the following fees will apply:
    • 20 cents per duplex page for photocopying
    • $10 per hour for labor
    • $5 handling fee per dissertation
    • Shipping costs (calculated when mailed)
  • Sending your request
    1. Please check the online catalog for major magazines and journals to see if we carry that periodical. Do a title search on the journal title (not article title). Small religious publications mat not be cataloged; please send an e-mail to to check our holdings.
    2. Fill out the article request form by clicking Article on the book request form.
      If you have problems using this form, please contact Inter-Library Loan by phone [(864) 242-5100 ext. 6030], fax 864-232-1729, or email, and send the book information.

Research Helps

  • LibGuides - This tool serves as a subject guide to resources in our library on a growing list of topics.
  • Journal articles. Go to our library home page and search INDY for our alphabetical listing of Journals by doing a Journal search and keying in the Journal title. One can search this database for a journal title and by clicking on the database listing the title, one can then read the articles provided there in full text coverage. Another option for just EBSCO titles: Click on INDY - EBSCO  for a listing of Periodicals through EBSCO periodicals.
  • Dewey Decimal System – chart format
  • Research assistance. Contact our Reference Librarian 864 370-1800 x6015 or by email using Ask a Librarian.

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