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General inquiries


Mailing Address:
Mack Library
Bob Jones University
Greenville, SC 29614


Phone: 864-241-1625

Fax: 864-232-1729

Director of Libraries


Patrick Robbins
864-242-5100, ext. 6010



Department Contact Phone Email
Cataloging / Donations Jennifer Walton 864-370-1800 ext. 6030
Circulation Patrick Robbins 864-370-1800 ext. 6000 or 
864-241-1625 (direct line)
Acquisitions Stephanie Shelburne 864-370-1800 ext. 6035
Fundamentalism File Patrick Robbins 864-370-1800 ext. 6015
Instructional Services Nancy McGuire 864-370-1800 ext. 6025
InterLibrary Loan Morgan Mattish 864-370-1800 ext. 6030
Music Library Stephanie Shelburne 864-370-1800 ext. 2705
Periodicals Jennifer Walton 864-370-1800 ext. 6030
Archives Jennifer Walton 864-370-1800 ext. 6015
Technical Services Bryan Tyson 864-370-1800 ext. 6030

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