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Library Services

Mission Statement

The library exists to support the University’s mission and curriculum by helping to foster the student’s spiritual, intellectual and cultural expansion.   In the information age the librarian serves as the mediator in the process of locating data, providing the information to the student and interpreting the knowledge in a manner which results in understanding by the student.  The library is no mere custodian of information but rather a vibrant participant in the process of developing usable knowledge applied with wisdom and understanding.  


Library Goals

  • Develop and maintain collections in a variety of formats that support liberal arts education, the biblical world-view, and the heritage of Bob Jones University

  • Collaborate with faculty to support collection development within their specified subject areas and provide instructional services to their students

  • Develop, provide, and promote services and resources to assist customers in both accessing and using information effectively

  • Participate in resource sharing with other organizations and libraries

  • Provide an environment that enhances study, research, and collaborative learning

  • Invest resources to recruit, train, develop, assess and retain professional staff to improve the quality of service