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Faculty Services and Collaboration

A primary goal of the Mack Library in its mission to support the University’s curriculum is to collaborate with faculty to support collection development within their specified subject areas and provide instructional services to their students. This goal includes the following:

Faculty Awareness

The Mack Library seeks to keep faculty informed by:

  • Notifying individuals when a requested item for the library collection is ready for use.
  • Annually disseminating to academic departments our journal holding lists related to their subject areas.
  • Library Liaison Committee of volunteer members provides an avenue for both expressing requested items for the library collection and presentation of library services and policies. The collaboration focuses on the benefit to the student.

Faculty Services

The Mack Library encourages faculty input for our collection development and requests of information related to their teaching and research by:

  • Requesting items (i.e., books, periodicals, databases, CDs, DVDs, etc.) in their subject area to be acquired.
    • Authors published in your subject area and any related areas
    • Titles of works author is not known
    • Periodical subscriptions to journals
    • Additional Databases
    • Additional Resources
    • Related areas in your subject area of the Library collection requiring updating
  • Librarians and associates are assigned to subject areas to assist you link subject specialist
  • Photocopy contents from resources to support their courses and research.
  • Reference & Information Services provide assistance to your research needs:
  • Support course requirements requiring library resources

Instructional Services

Instruction services are provided for faculty:

  • Library workshops during in-service.
  • Bibliographic instruction for students about research techniques, databases and library resources in various subject areas. Instructional sessions can be scheduled for your classroom or the library’s Technology facilities. Faculty should contact the Instructional Services Librarian at least a week in advance if possible.
  • Assistance in the development of instructional materials.
  • Assistance in the development of LibGuides on the library web site.

Subject Specialists

Subject Areas Librarians/Associates
College of Arts & Science &nbsp
Division of English Language & Literature Nancy McGuire
Division of Modern Language & Literature Bryan Tyson
Division of Natural Science Jennifer Walton
Division of Mathematical Sciences Bryan Tyson
Division of Nursing & Health Science Bryan Tyson
Division of Social Science Patrick Robbins
School of Religion  Patrick Robbins
Seminary & Graduate School of Religion Patrick Robbins
School of Fine Arts & Communication &nbsp
Division of Art & Design Stephanie Shelburne
Division of Music Stephanie Shelburne
Division of Communication Jennifer Walton
School of Education Nancy McGuire
School of Business Jennifer Walton