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003 Systems
003.5 --Theory of communication and control
004 Computer science
004.019 --Psychological principles (includes human factors and usability)
004.2 --Systems analysis and design, computer architecture, performance evaluation
004.3 --Processing modes
004.65 --Communications network architecture
004.678 --Internet
005 Computer programming, programs, data
005.11 --Special programming techniques
005.13 --Programming languages
005.25 --Programming for handheld computing devices
005.3 --Programs
005.4 --Systems programming and programs
005.43 --Systems programming and programs--Systems programs (including operating systems and system administration)
005.44 --Systems programming and programs--Operating systems for specific types of computers
005.5 --General purpose application programs
005.7 --Data in computer systems
005.73 --Data in computer systems--Data structures
005.74 --Data in computer systems--Data files and databases
005.75 --Data in computer systems--Specific types of data files and databases (includes relational SQL-based databases)
005.8 --Data security
006.3 Special computer methods--Artificial intelligence

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