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HI 101 Making of the Modern World Guide

Resources for History 101 Project


Mack Library offers many resources that provide primary, secondary, and tertiary research. These tools provide access to multiple types of information: digital, primary documents, biographies, journals, and databases. The digital resources include databases of academic videos as well as links to digital public libraries. The resources for biographies gives you brief overviews or in-depth essays about the lives of historical figures. A search for autobiographies among those books and databases provide primary source material.

Journal articles contain information about historical topics not covered in books, or they give detailed information about a topic that a book on the subject may not discuss. Dissertations contain detailed scholarship by doctoral students on topics for which there might not yet be books or journal articles. Databases provide digital resources on specific topics and are generally more authoritative, accurate, and comprehensive than most simple web browser searches on basic search engines.

Where should I start?

Below is a list of helpful links and databases that we've highlighted for you because they should be very helpful starting points for your HI 101 Project.

Newspapers and Current Events