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African American History: Books

A guide to sources about African American history


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How to Find Books about African American History

The library contains many monographs and surveys about African American history. To find them, search the library catalog using the suggested subject headings in the next section.

Another way to find circulating books about African American history is to check The American Historical Association's Guide to Historical Literature (REF 016.9 Am34 1995). This book lists the best works of history in every field, with brief annotations of each book. Check the subsections on race or ethnicity under  "Colonial North America" (1239-1279), "United States, General" (1280-1324), "American Revolution and Early Republic,1754-1815" (1324-1360), "United States, 1815­-1877" (1361-1411), "United States, 1877-1920" (1412-1452), and "United States History since 1920" (1453-1503).

If any of the books you need is not owned by the library, then use the links in the boxes below to request it through PASCAL Delivers or Inter-Library Loan. You can also search for books using the Google Books and Google Scholar links to the left.

Request Books

If the library does not have a book you need, we have services available to help you get it.

  • PASCAL Delivers  
    PASCAL Delivers is a service which finds books in other SC libraries and sends them to Mack Library for you to check out. Click here or use the link in the catalog to access this service.
  • Interlibrary Loan
    Interlibrary Loan is a free service to students, faculty and staff. Request a book and ILL staff will find it at another library and have it sent to Mack Library for you to check out.
  • Suggest a Purchase  
    Suggest that the library purchase a book to add to our collection.  

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