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Criminal Justice: Articles

This libguide presents library resources for researching areas of law enforcement.

What is the Fundamentalism File

The Fundamentalism File houses articles on current events. religious topics, and secular topics (including police work and criminal justice) with a religious perspective.  The File contains articles repesenting all views on many topics.  One value of the file is the written abstract on each article that enables one to search for a specific issue or article. 

Databases for articles

  • When researching issues in criminal justice/law enforcement, one may find articles in one of the databases listed below as a topic in criminal justice can relate to other disciplines covered by these databases. 
  • Be sure to check INDY for periodicals that may be fulltext in another database in our collection. INDY will also indicate the print subscription in our library, if we have it. 
  • When the record states that an embargo is in place for a certain length of time, the publisher has refused to allow the digitization of the articles for the current months, year or years.
  • If we have the print subscription, then you may photocopy or scan articles to PDF and sent to your email.
  • If we don't have the print, then you may request articles via InterLibrary Loan from another school library by filling out the ILL form on our home page or choose the ILL tab in this LibGuide for easy access.

Fundamentalism File

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