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Citation Guide: Electronic Resources

This guide is a helpful resource for citing materials using APA, Turabian, and MLA.

Electronic Book

Hüfner, Stefan. (ed.). Very High Resolution Photoelectron Spectroscopy. New York: Springer, 2007. University of South Carolina-

Columbia, University Libraries. 1 Apr. 2007 . < >.

Dissertations & Theses electronic

Shimpalee, Pattama. The Contribution of Economic and Institutional Factors to Currency Crises:  Additional Evidence from Asia,

Europe and the Western Hemisphere.  Diss. University of South Carolina, 2004. ProQuest Digital Dissertations. ProQuest.

Thomas Cooper Library, Columbia, SC.  8 Aug. 2007 < >.

Journal articles & magazines (Library Database)

Jones, Julia C., et al. "Honey Bee Nest Thermoregulation: Diversity Promotes Stability." Science 305 (16 July 2004): 402-404.

Academic Search Premier. EBSCOHost. Thomas Cooper Library, Columbia, SC. 24 July 2007.

< >.

Dyball, Rennie, et al. "World Party." People 68.4 (23 July 2007): 111-112. Academic Search Premier. EBSCOHost. Thomas

Cooper Library, Columbia, SC. 30 July 2007. < >.

Journal articles & magazines (Online Journal)

Moore, Roland S., Ames, Genevieve M., and Cunradi, Carol B.  "Physical and Social Availability of Alcohol for Young Enlisted

Naval Personnel In and Around Home Port."  Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy 2 (30 June 2007).  30

July 2007 < >.

Plagens, Peter.  "Tender Was the Night."  Newsweek 30 July 2007.  25 July 2007

< >.

Newspapers online & library databases

Basken, Paul.  "Nonprofit Lenders, While Helping Students, Help Themselves."  The Chronicle 10 August 2007.  9 August 2007


Hoge, Warren. "Diana, Princess of Wales, 36, Dies in a Crash in Paris: The end of a  storybook life that veered from glamor to

scandal and, finally, to divorce.. " New York  Times 31  Aug. 1997. ProQuest Historical  Newspapers The New York Times

(1851 - 2003). ProQuest. Thomas Cooper Library,  Columbia, SC.  8 Aug. 2007 


Voices and Faces from the Collection "Sarah Gudger, Age 121." 23 Mar. 2001. American  Memory, Born in Slavery:  Slave

Narratives from the Federal Writers Project 1936-1938.  9 Aug. 2007