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EN 102 Guide

Resources for EN102

What is This and Why am I here?

The purpose of this guide is to help you be successful in EN 102. Locating and using credible, academic source materials are important strategies used in every academic discipline. The library should be your first-stop when it comes to working on research intensive assignments. These links will help you get set up for navigating the library.  Start with the videos on the right to give you a basic understanding of some simple search strategies, then read through the database links to see which one will best meet the needs of your project.


Which database should I use?

To find a list of all of our databases click the  A-Z Database list.  Below is a list of databases that we've highlighted for you because they should be very helpful starting points for your EN 102 Research Paper.

A Video to Help You Get Started

Effective Research Tips

Watch this short video see how you can save lots of time as you begin to search the databases.


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