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New Testament Greco-Roman Backgrounds: Home

Introductory material on the Greco-Roman world, including its history, society, culture, religion, and literature, in relation to the expansion of early Christianity and the New Testament documents.

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These are included mainly for those of you who are needing to verify whether someone has already written on your proposed topic/thesis. Some Ph.D. dissertations may be worthy to reference in your work, especially if there's otherwise little or no published material on your subject.

Key Databases

These are your core resources for secondary literature in biblical studies and theology.

  • Be sure to check INDY for periodicals that may be fulltext in another database in our collection. INDY will also indicate the print subscription in our library, if we have it. 
  • When the record states that an embargo is in place for a certain length of time, the publisher has refused to allow the digitization of the articles for the current months, year or years.
  • If we have the print subscription, then you may photocopy or scan articles to PDF and sent to your email.
  • If we don't have the print, then you may request articles via InterLibrary Loan from another school library by filling out the ILL form on our home page or choose the ILL tab in this LibGuide for easy access.

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This guide has been adapted (with permission) from materials prepared by Gregory Morrison, Head of Reference at Buswell Memorial Library, Wheaton College (IL).