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Library Services: Embedded Librarian

Describes services offered by the Library staff.

Embedded Librarian

Embedded Librarian

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Embedded Librarian—Assists faculty and students with library instruction and resources.

·         What is an Embedded Librarian?

The Embedded Librarian works closely with faculty, incorporating library instruction in a class and providing a librarian as a resource to students during the course.  Librarians can work with instructors to collaborate and create viable assignments that utilize library resources and answer student questions regarding library materials.


·         Who can use an Embedded librarian?

Instructors for any class in any discipline or subject area can use an embedded librarian.  The librarian can assist faculty with library instruction and resources for students in the classroom, via BJUOnline, by workshops or appointments at the library.


·         Why do I need an Embedded Librarian?

Embedded Librarians facilitate student research and the use of library resources during a course or just when needed.  We can work with instructions a little or a lot, whatever best meets their needs.  The librarian can do the following:

o   Provide specially designed content for the course, including suggested resources, tutorials, search strategies and libguides.

o   Demonstrate any electronic resources and print resources.

o   Serve as a contact regarding library or research questions.

o   Offer individual attention to students during any stage of their research process.

o   Gain more knowledge of the students in the class and comprehend the expectations of the instructor.


·         What do the librarians need from the instructors?

Librarians would need the following:

  • To know when to come to class when details about projects or assignments are presented to receive a clear understanding of the instructor’s requirements.
  • To know when to come to class to present library instruction and resources.
  • To access a particular course if using BJUOnline.  Depending on the level of permissions that are allowed, librarians can add library-related links and information to the course.  


The most important thing that librarians need from instructors is promotion of the library and its resources.  Announcing that a librarian will be a part of the class and be available for questions is a great first step.  If students are struggling with research, remind them that a librarian is available to help.  The more importance that is placed on library resources, the more students are likely to use them!


·         How do I get started with an Embedded Librarian?

Contact Mrs. Nancy McGuire at ext. 6025 or


·         Instructor testimonials who have used an Embedded Librarian

o   The session you have done for my Business Writing class for a number of semesters has been very helpful.  Dr. Blake Spence, Journalism & Mass Communication

o   The librarian meets with students, understands their research goals, and offers guidance.  Because of their research experience and availability, Embedded Librarians offer greater assistance than I can alone.  Even more important, students have an opportunity to learn several ways to approach a complex research problem.  Dr. Randy Holley, Business Management

o   The Embedded Librarian opens the lid to a hidden treasure chest of research materials when he shares the library’s extensive collection of online databases.  Most of the students were aware of the extensive physical collection but has no idea that such online resources existed, must less how to ever access them.  Dr. Wade Kuhlewind, Seminary



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