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Primary Sources: Microfiche

How to find primary sources, in print, in manuscripts, and in electronic formats.

Primary Sources Published in Microfiche

Microfiche or microfilm is another source for print sources. Microfiche preserves documents by miniaturizing them on plastic cards, which can then be read using a special machine. With a library's microfiche collection, you can obtain access to rare books, newspapers, or manuscript collections. The Mack Library has several microfiche collections of private papers, including the following:

  • A. C. Dixon Papers (M-Fi 252 D643a)
  • Billy Sunday Papers (M-Fi B/S Su72sm)
  • Bob Shuler's Sermon Notes (M-Fi 252 Sh92)
  • Francis Wayland Papers (M-Fi B/W W3648w)
  • Gipsy Smith Papers (M-Fi B/S Sm64s)
  • J. W. Montgomery Papers
  • John R. Rice Papers (M-Fi B/R R363r)
  • Lewis Sperry Chafer Papers (M-Fi B/C C3464c)
  • Louis S. Bauman Papers (M-Fi B/B B3273)
  • Lyman Stewart Papers (M-Fi B/S St496)
  • Mullins Papers (M-Fi B/M M917)
  • Trumbull Family Papers (M-Fi B-T T771)
  • Works of H. C. Trumbull (M-Fi 208 T77)

Another valuable microfiche collection is Early American Imprints (M-Fi 015.73), which contains everything printed in British North America and the United States before 1800. The Mack Library also has the New York Times in microfiche, which you can use to learn about the historical context of your subject.

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