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CW 416 Writing Creative Nonfiction

This guide is a collection of resources that gives students access to tools and resources that emphasize techniques associated with imaginative literature to represent actual experience, with forms including, among others, the memoir, the personal essay a

Reference Books

If you can't find someone's biography online or if you need more information, don't neglect the library's print collection. If you know nothing about a person, begin with Biography and Genealogy Master Index or Biography Index. Those indexes will guide you to sources with biographical sketches about your subject. If you already know something about the person, such as his nationality or occupation, you can begin with a specialized book. For example, if you wanted to know about a U.S. president, you could check American National Biography; if you wanted to know about the author of a book, you might check Contemporary Authors. The specialized works listed below are just a small fraction of the biographical sources available in the Mack Library. Check the library catalog for others, or ask a library worker for a recommendation.

Print Reference Sources


Literary Magazines

Below you will find a list of free literary magazines for your reading pleasure. Many of these magazines accept outside submissions, so if you are looking to get published, a literary magazine is not a bad place to start!

Please note: As with almost any art form, literature may contain elements or themes that are not in line with--or may even be downright contrary to--a biblical worldview, especially literature by secular writers. While each of these magazines listed below contain some high-quality artistic work, one must remember to be a discerning reader on what is appropriate reading material. For some general recommended guidelines, please refer to the BJU Objectionable Elements policy outlined in the student handbook or linked below.