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Creative Writing Resources

A list of materials for creative writers, published or not. Welcome!

Online Resources

Whether you are an experienced writer or have never written creatively before, beginning a new project can be an especially daunting task. But fear not! The Internet has not killed the writer, but is a valuable resource for anyone who wishes to write seriously. In the links below, you will find resources for both starting and/or refining a project.

Literary Magazines

Below you will find a list of free literary magazines for your reading pleasure. Many of these magazines accept outside submissions, so if you are looking to get published, a literary magazine is not a bad place to start!

Please note: As with almost any art form, literature may contain elements or themes that are not in line with--or may even be downright contrary to--a biblical worldview, especially literature by secular writers. While each of these magazines listed below contain some high-quality artistic work, one must remember to be a discerning reader on what is appropriate reading material. For some general recommended guidelines, please refer to the BJU Objectionable Elements policy outlined in the student handbook or linked below.