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Gustafson Fine Arts Center exterior
Hours of Operation       School Year   Summer*
Monday-Thursday 7:45 am-            
10:00 pm
 9:00 am-
 12 noon


7:45 am-
8:00 pm


9:00 am-
12 noon



11:00 am-
 8:00 pm





Closed during Chapel hour (11 - 11:40 am) during the school year.

We will be open 9-noon during Summer break.  During that time, there may be intermittent closings due to vacations, illness, holiday, etc.  If it is possible to give advance notice, I will post the closing in this spot.  Closings will also normally be posted on the entrance door, again except in case of emergency or illness.  Thanks for your understanding.  

Mr. Word                                  


Contact the Music Library customer service desk at:

(864) 370-1800 x2704   (see box below for staff contact info)                                 

The Music Library branch of the Mack Library is located on the first floor of the speech wing of the Gustafson Fine Arts Center. This new location was incorporated into the renovation and construction of the Fine Arts Center in 1999 and increased the Music Library's space to over 3,500 square feet. The new library facilities incorporate modern technology and listening equipment.

The Music Library houses the bulk of the library's resources for music: books, scores, audio recordings, periodicals, and reference materials. Currently, the collection includes 7,304 volumes, 14,276 scores and sheet music, 5,918 CDs, 717 DVDs, 26 BluRays and 13 active print periodical subscriptions. In addition to 213 ebooks, the Music Library website offers students and faculty full text access to 204 music related periodicals (ejournals), 67 of which directly support the Fine Arts Music Department and are featured as a tab on the webpage. Students and faculty have online access to the Classical Listening Library (13,484,306 tracks) and the Classical Scores Library (52,608 scores / 1,210,017 printable pages), both databases from Alexander Street Press. Listening stations and computers accommodate patrons researching musical works.



Equipment Use

There are no facilities in the Music Library for recording purposes. No recording of Music Library recordings will be permitted.

Please do not use the Music Library equipment to listen to personal recordings.

Circulation Policies

All customers must have either a BJU ID card or a Community borrowing card to borrow items from the Music Library.

There are many listening stations in the Music Library where customers can listen to CDs, cassettes, and records of library materials as well as online resources.

The chart below lists what may be borrowed by each type of patron.

Borrower Privileges
Grad Student
Books & Scores
2 weeks 4 weeks 6 weeks/ 9 weeks (project) 4 weeks 2 weeks
No No No No No
in house use 4 weeks 6 weeks 4 weeks in house use
Record booklets
in house use 2 days 2 days 2 days in house use
CDs & Cassettes
2 weeks 4 weeks 6 weeks 4 weeks 2 weeks
2 weeks 4 weeks 6 weeks 4 weeks 2 weeks
No No for teaching No No
Chamber Music
No w/ faculty permission Yes w/ faculty permission No
in house use in house use 7 days in house use in house use

Community Borrowing Privileges

Community Borrowing Privileges

Community Customers from outside BJU are welcome to use the Library. Special permission or appointments are not necessary. Customers not affiliated with the University who desire to check out materials must have a Community Customer borrowing card. As a general rule, residents of the greater Greenville area (within 30 miles of BJU) may be issued a Community Customers borrowing card. Current members of the BJU Alumni Association may check out books while staying in the area. If you would like to be issued a Community Customer borrowing card, but you are not sure if you qualify, contact the Circulation Coordinator at the Mack Library.



All customers, except University faculty/staff, are fined $.25 per day for each overdue book or score. Fines on videos, CDs, and other special materials (e.g., textbooks) are $.50 per day. Reserve items can be checked out for a maximum of 2 hours and have a fine of $1.00 per hour. If you receive an overdue notice for a book, score, or recording you believe you returned, contact Tim Word Sr. (Music Library Supervisor): 864-242-5100 ext. 2706,, or the Circulation Coordinator at the Mack Library. If you receive a fine notice that you believe is in error, please complete a Fine Appeal form available at the Circulation desk.

Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Patrick Robbins (Interim Library Director): 864-242-5100 ext. 6010, - Directs operations of BJU library system, plans future developments, represents Library in University administration, supervises collection development.

Timothy Word Sr. (Music Library Supervisor): 864-242-5100 ext. 2706, - Answers questions about Music Library holdings, orders materials, supervises student assistants.

Erin Hansen (Fine Arts Assistant - choral/orchestral music): ext. 2705, - Organizes, catalogs, and prepares choral music for faculty use and supervises Fine Arts hosts/hostesses.

Subject Guide

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Timothy Word
Music Library BJU extension 2706

Mack Library BJU extension 6035