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Biblical Commentaries (Technical)   Tags: bible, religion, research  

Lists technical, conservative commentaries for the books of the Bible.
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Bible commentaries provide exegetes with linguistic, theological, and interpretive background material as they examine the biblical text. However, the plethora of available commentaries creates a new question for interpreters of all experience levels—which?

Scope of this list

This LibGuide emphasizes technical, conservative commentaries for the books of the Bible. Many of the commentaries listed here refer directly to the Greek or Hebrew text.

Of course, appearance in our list should not be misunderstood as a blanket endorsement of all the statements of the authors, nor should this list be considered as comprehensive in any way.

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Commentary Sets

Barnes Notes on the New Testament (11 vols.)
Call Number: 225.7 B261 1977
From the 19th century, comments are generally conservative in its view of inspiration and inerrancy. Perhaps some problems in Romans about the imputation of sin, for which the Presbyterians put Barnes on trial for heresy, but did not convict him. Not likely to be premillennial in his view of Christ’s return.

BECNT - Baker Exegetical Commentary on the NT
Call Number: Individual volumes placed separately in the Stacks.
Commentary based on the Greek Text (UBS 4 or NA27) with, so far, a good selection of conservative NT scholars. More conservative than the NIGTC. Emphasizes literary structure as well as exegetical detail.

BKC - Bible Knowledge Commentary (2 vols.)
Call Number: 221.7 B471w 2000
ISBN: 0882078135
Written by the faculty at Dallas Theological Seminary, this set is conservative in its view of the Bible and dispensational, premillennial in its approach to the overall view of Scripture and future things.

EBC - Expositors Bible Commentary (12 vols.)
Call Number: 220.7 Ex765
This first edition of this set was produced in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It is generally conservative with authors who hold to a conservative view of inspiration and inerrancy. The English Bible text is the New International Version (1977, 1984). A revision (220.7 Ex765r) is under way, which keeps some of the authors from the first edition, but replaces some of the others. It seems to be in keeping with the first edition.

NAC - New American Commentary
Call Number: 220.7 N42a
Follows in the tradition of the American Commentary, which was produced in the late 1800s and early 1900s and was generally a conservative, Baptist commentary series. Although not all the authors in the NAC are Southern Baptists, the conservative resurgence in the SBC has an influence on the direction of this series. This series is generally conservative in its views toward inspiration, inerrancy, and interaction with critical scholarship. The English Bible text is the NIV.

NICOT/NICNT - New International Commentary on OT and NT
Call Number: 221.7 N42a [for OT]; 225.7 N42a [for NT]
The NT part of this series started in the 1950s and has gone through revisions since the late 1980s or so. Some of the first editions are to be preferred over their revised replacement, for example Philip Hughes on 2 Corinthians over Paul Barnett. The authors in both series do their own English translations with extensive notes. The OT series tends to give more ground to historical-critical methods, which tends for decent explanation of the original language, but poor theological conclusions from the text. Commentaries on Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon are good examples of this.

NIGTC - New International Greek Testament Commentary
Call Number: Individual volumes placed separately in the Stacks.
Based on the UBS 3/4 NA 26/27 texts, this is a very technical series on the Greek text of the NT. Language issues are helpful; conservative theology varies from author to author.

PNTC - Pillar New Testament Commentary
Call Number: Individual volumes placed separately in the Stacks.
Conservative, expositional commentary with Reformed leanings

TCOT/TCNT - Tyndale Commentaries on OT and NT
Call Number: 221.7 T978 [for OT]; 225.7 T978 [for NT]
This series originated in the 1950s; the OT has just recently been completed; many of the earlier NT commentaries have been revised, either by the same author or, in the case of 1 Peter, Wayne Grudem wrote a new commentary for the series. The NT tends to be less accepting of critical approaches to the origins of the biblical books. OT can be a mixed bag of conservative and critical writers.

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