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Legal Cases: Online Resources

This guide explains how to find the text of court cases in the Mack Library. It first explains how to read legal citations and then gives strategies for finding the case in the library’s print collections as well as in its databases.


Search Legal Cases on LexisNexis

LexisNexis® Academic

Search Legal Cases on LexisNexis Academic

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Cases online

Finding Cases Online

To look online for court cases from both federal and state courts, use LexisNexis

Once you’re in the LexusNexis database, click the “Legal Tab” at the top. In the law section, you have three ways to find cases: by citation, by party name, and by searching.

By citation. If you know the citation for a case, you can type it in the box “Find a document by citation.” This search will bring up the text of that case.

By party name. If you know the names of the parties to a case, you can type those in the box  ________ vs _________ That will bring up a list of cases that match those party names. Note that this search is less efficient than searching by citation, because there are likely to be several cases with the same party names.

By keyword. If you know neither the citation nor the name of a case, you can search by keyword in the main search box, for example, “first amendment” or “gun control.” You can limit your search to cases from particular jurisdictions, such as cases from just federal courts or from just the courts of a particular state.